StM Wireless system

StM Wireless system



The StM Wireless fencing system is a unique fencing  technology of touch detection that transmits a signal through electromagnetic waves, in other words, not by wire.

The "StM" trademark  invented this system in 2000, tested and successfully implemented it in almost all world competitions, including the Olympic Games.

 "StM Wireless" is the only wireless system certified by the International Fencing Federation (FIE) for fencing matches at the highest level competitions. This system has proven itself in all types of weapons: epee, foil and sabre.

The "StM Wireless" fencing system is compact and absolutely doesn't require any additions to the fencer's personal equipment.


Using a wireless system, the athlete doesn't feel any discomfort, unlike the old wired one, which is constantly in tension and what is also important, it quickly breaks down. And this is not acceptable for athletes competing in competitions!  One single touch can decide the result of the battle, thereby leaving the athlet without a medal.

The "StM Wireless" fencing system is the most convenient, accurate and reliable system in the world!

 “StM Wireless” fits perfectly with any clamps and perfectly interacts with fencing devices of all world brands.


How does the "StM Wireless" works?

 The system consists of two components:

 A compact set for a fencer, which consists of a sensor, a connecting wire and a special cuff (for a epee fencers) or an electroconductive protection (for foil and sabre fensers).

Equipment for a fencing mask that lights up in red or green when a fencer touches another fencer. It is in addition to the main "set of fencer".  The kit for the luminous mask consists of: three LED inset boards, a mask control unit with a cover for fastening and a sensor-mask connecting wire (only for epee).

Equipment for the fencing piste consists of: a radio receiver, two color transmitters (“red” and “green”) and a special device that doesn't detect touches in the piste (only for foil and epee on metal pistes)

 If you are interested in your competitions or training process to be bright and dynamic - order a wireless fencing system!  We guarantee that you will be satisfied!